Friday, November 27, 2009

"Bar Code" an anthology

Bar Code ISBN: 978-0-9823419-0-2 128 pp.

What I was doing, have done, is the editing and publishing of the little beauty of a book pictured above, Bar Code, the latest from Little Eagle Press. Big piece of work. Good work, I think. Poetry, prose, photos and drawings from a terrific bunch of contributors, some very well known in small press circles and beyond, some just beginning to get work out there, all telling their stories of bars, saloons, and watering holes around several continents. The cover art you're looking at, incidentally, is by the master, Emmett Johns, to whom I am forever indebted.
The contributors are: Norbert Blei, Peg Bresnahan, John Brzezinski, Patrick Carrington, Alan Catlin, Alice D'Allesio, Albert DeGenova, Julie Eger, Ray Foreman, Nik Garvoille, Jude Genereaux, Kelly Green, Melissa Hansen, Emmett Johns, Michael Koehler, Bobbie Krinsky, Jackie Langetieg, Joe Larkin, Ellaraine Lockie, Amy Murre, Ralph Murre, Warren Nelson, June Nirschl, Nancy F. Rafal, Charles Ries, Charlie Rossiter, t. kilgore splake, Vanessa K. Sullivan, William Taylor Jr., David Thompson, and Jeffrey Winke.
When I went looking for the work of this august band of artists and writers, I told them I was not interested in glorifying or vilifying alcohol with this book, that I simply wanted to catch the feel and the smell and the sound of bars. The social and the antisocial. The sweet spoonful and the dash of bitters . . . They all responded with excellent contributions to this unique collection.
I hope you'll write Little Eagle Press, P.O. Box 684, Baileys Harbor, WI, USA, 54202 to order. ($15 + $3 S&H - and I will take personal checks until I get burned.)
Note: a new review of Bar Code, by Richard Swanson, appears in the inaugural issue of "Verse Wisconsin". We fare rather well, I think. Follow this link to get there:


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